About this blog

India has been making great strides forward in providing it’s citizens the right infrastructure and development opportunities. Most of the world started hearing about India within the context of outsourcing of jobs from the US, Europe and other countries around the world. However, there is a lot more to the Indian story than mere outsourcing of jobs. Over the last decade or so, the mindset of the average Indian has been undergoing a tremendous change that seems to be powering the vibrant growth of the country. India is THE world’s largest democracy and people around the world need to understand that all the recent developments and progress have been happening within a democratic context.

The purpose of this blog is to track the progress within India over the years so that the world has a better insight into and appreciation for what’s going on in the world’s largest democracy through the eyes of a layman as opposed to the images being broadcast by the media.

Enjoy and feel free to comment. You may also leave a comment here if you would like to contribute to this blog.


One thought on “About this blog

  1. Sam says:

    Great artical.India is developing.But slowly.The reason for this is corruption and political leaders.This political leaders are just a joke.

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