How much more electricity does India need to solve the power problem ?

According to statistics on electricity consumption published in the CIA World Factbook, India’s electricity consumption in 2004 was about 588 billion kwh as compared to USA’s 3.7 trillion kwh. Since India’s population is approximately 4x the US population, this would mean that India would need to generate at least 24 times more electricity than it does today to reach the level of power stability available in the US. With all the malls, megaplexes, high rise complexes, IT parks, et al that are being developed, I think it’s about time the nation got serious about putting together an action plan to support these levels of power consumption.


6 thoughts on “How much more electricity does India need to solve the power problem ?

  1. indiaprogress says:

    Solar Energy India, I agree. In fact, all forms of replenishable resources have tremendous potential in India. Necessity is the mother of invention. I personally think that we will see countries like India, China, Brazil, etc. driving innovation in this area in the years to come. Developed countries have very little to gain from developing replenishable energy sources and hence will be laggards in this area unless the price of oil reaches stratospheric levels.

  2. Richi MR says:

    Yes guys India have big problem in power the same goes for water. Every minister is too proud to announce the industrial projects, but with more and more cuts on all the energy supply, I wonder where is India going to??

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